Should I learn to master vi/vim?

Nobody’s ever tried very hard to convince me to - but I know people who seem to really enjoy using it.

I recently started thinking about why people still choose manual gearboxes when buying a car. I’m one of them, so I should be able to answer that.

It used to be that cars with a manual transmission were cheaper and more fuel efficient, but I’m not sure that was ever the real reason. Advances in technology have basically eliminated any real difference there, so why do people still buy them? Do they just like making life a bit more difficult, or does it just make them feel superior? Is it the same thing that causes people to like vi?

If you ask people why they drive a manual, they’ll tell you “it makes me feel more connected to the car”. But what does that mean?

When learning to drive, the clutch pedal is one of the hardest things to master. At least it was for me. But once you’ve mastered it, the whole process of feeling for the bite point and feeding the power to the wheels happens almost subconsciously. You’re still in control, but it feels like you told your body what to do and watched it do it perfectly. It’s satisfying!

I remember experiencing a stronger, but similar effect when I had my turntables. 

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